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The Shamrocks MC, is not-for-profit organization registered under the provisions of IRS Code,Section 501(c). This is a membership type of organization who’s main purpose is to meet as a group and ride motorcycles. We are a non-territorial club and do not support other clubs in commercial enterprise. We support several different charity causes which include, but are not limited to, Law Enforcement, Veteran’s Affairs, Children, and Medical Research and Treatment.

Originally, the membership of the Shamrocks MC was comprised solely of Federal Law Enforcement Officers. As time went by we felt the need to recognize our professional bond with all levels of law enforcement. Today the Shamrocks MC welcomes all U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Federal, State and Local into its ranks. No matter what background our members possess one can rest assured that if you see a big white shamrock on their back, you are looking at one of this country’s finest professionals.

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